Hourglass Last on Snapchat ⏳ : Meaning & Significance

Hourglass Last on Snapchat

If you are a Snapchat user and send snaps to your friends daily, you must have seen an emoji of an hourglass just next to your friend’s username when time runs out for streak breakage. You must be wondering, what is an hourglass? What is the use of this emoji? If you want to know everything in relevance with this context then you’re at the right place. The unique and cool features of Snapchat are quite easy to use. You can easily change the Friend emoji, Bitmoji Stickers, etc. Such features eventually make this platform’s user interface much more interesting for the users.

Hourglass Last on Snapchat ⏳ : Meaning & Significance

The reports of SocialMediaToday say that the use of emoji while communicating digitally has marked the position of emoji in the Top 5 items of digital communication. You can see a variety of emojis in the library of Snapchat representing numerous things and this is the basic reason which has made it one of the most popular social networking apps. Now we’ll be discussing the meaning behind the appearance of an ‘hourglass last on snapchat’ emoji along with the methods that can help you to avoid this emoji. Without delaying it further, let’s get started.

Meaning of Hourglass Last on Snapchat

The icon of the hourglass depicts the countdown timer. This icon was introduced by Snapchat to inform the user that soon his/her snap streak with his/her friend is going to end and if they want to continue the streak they need to send snaps instantly. This is a warning sign when your performance slips mistakenly and you are required to take certain actions to replace the icon of an hourglass with the icon of fire as an indication of a successful streak. Snap streak is the snap number sent by you and not any type of textual communication. The icon of hourglass and fire will be displayed on both profiles i.e. of yours and your friend with whom you are maintaining Snap streaks.

Hourglass Appearance Duration

If the icon of an Hourglass appears next to your friend’s username, then it means that your streak with your friend is going to end soon. A lot of debate regarding the duration of Hourglass appearance has occurred, where some say that it stays for up to 2-3 hours whereas others say that the duration is about 4-7 hours. The hourglass timing is a little tricky and the same goes for its duration of appearance. Snap streaks can never be the same and the reason is capricious timeframe and appearance of the hourglass icon.

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Methods of Avoiding Hourglass icon on Snapchat

The Snap streak is calculated in a window of 24 hours. It means that you and your friend have to send at least one snap within 24 hours to maintain the Snap streak and evade the icon of the hourglass. If you or your friend does not send any snap within 24 hours, the hourglass icon appears & vanishes the fire icon and the countdown starts. If you want to avoid the hourglass icon, go through the methods that we will be discussing below:

Method 1: Send snaps for the sake of Snap streaks

If Snap streak maintenance is more important to you rather than the type of snap sent by you, then you can send a blank snap to your friend to evade the hourglass icon and maintain the Snap streak perfectly.

Method 2: Build a Routine

If you send the good morning streak every morning after you wake up then it will enhance your Snap streak. Make sure that the snap sent by you every day is on a specific time to end up your Snap streak on a timely auto-pilot.

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Method 3: Maintenance from the Other End

You can maintain a Snap streak only when the efforts are from both sides. It means that the other party should also send you a snap daily to maintain the streaks.

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Note: If the hourglass icon appears even after maintaining a Snap streak, you can contact ‘Snapchat Support’. The team of Snapchat will resolve your problem and the hourglass icon will be replaced by the fire icon next to your friend’s username.


Now you must have understood the meaning and significance of the hourglass icon along with the methods to avoid this icon. Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms; still, many of us aren’t much aware of its features. You can get to know more about Snapchat with our other articles. Go through them and explore the features of Snapchat easily.

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