Snapscore Information: What Does The Snapchat Number Mean

Snapscore Information: What Does The Snapchat Number Mean

Snapchat number is an important aspect of any influencing story that changes the game. Engagement, followership, page views, reach, engagement, etc are very important factors that we have to consider while making any content. Numerous social media platforms, specifically Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, procure extensive yearly or monthly reports with proper analytics to make sure that you can use the information. The same goes for Snapchat. It also procures access to the above-described information that comprises the Snapchat Score, also known as the ‘Snapchat Number’ & is extraordinary to Snapchat.

Snapscore Information: What Does The Snapchat Number Mean

In our previous articles, we have described different aspects of Snapchat along with features that you can easily use to level up your game. Nonetheless of how much you use Snapchat but you must be wondering What does the Snapchat Number means? What is the function of this number? etc. You’ll get the answer to your every question if you’ll go through this article thoroughly.

What Does The Snapchat Number Mean?

The number that you see on your profile on Snapchat is known as the Snapchat score. You can use it as a metric to gauge your engagement in Snapchat in a precise number calculated by Snapchat for you. Till date, neither Snapchat hasn’t mentioned the specific role of this number and how it is helping the individual, nor has there been no certainty regarding the perception of score or ads for using the credibility of the user on Snapchat. If we look at the score, it gives us an idea regarding the consumption and engagement with the content on the app. Not only you, but your friends can also check your engagement and vice versa.

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Snapchat Score

There’s a number defined on your profile on Snapchat as a special equation combining the total number of sent and received snaps, super-secret, and many other related factors. Your Snapchat score is calculated based on your Snapchat usage. Tap your profile and you’ll see the total number of sent and received snaps by you in two distinct numbers. If you make an effort to add these two distinct numbers, the result will not be the same as the total Snapchat score that you can see under your Snapchat profile. The major reason behind this is that Snapchat also counts the stories that you post on your profile, your interaction with other content and vice versa. If your Snapchat score is high i.e. your level of engagement is high.

Methods To Check Snapchat Score

You can check out your Snapchat score by clicking on your profile. Follow the guidelines that we have explained below:

  • Step 1: Go to Snapchat and tap on your profile photo located at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Step 2: Check the profile photo first portion. There you’ll see your Snapchat score located below the profile picture just at the side of the username.

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Method To Check Out The Sent And Received Snaps

  • Step 1: Hit the Snapchat score number.
  • Step 2: You can see the number got split into two distinct portions.

Note: Both the numbers show distinct metrics of Snapchat. The first number is the total number of sent snaps whereas the second number is the total number of your received snaps.


Snapchat still has numerous features that we aren’t completely aware of. One such feature that we talked about here was ‘What does the Snapchat Number mean?’ Either you know the feature but are unaware of the use or vice versa. Not only this, we have explained many other Snapchat features too on our website. To read and know more about Snapchat, you can go through the articles posted on our website.

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