How To Know Who Visited My Twitter Profile Through Analytical Tools

Who Visited My Twitter Profile

Jack Dorsey (Ex-Student – New York University) gave the idea of Twitter during a brainstorming session introduced by his university. His core idea was to launch an application or platform where individuals can send a short message (now known as tweets) to others personally or in groups. In today’s date, Twitter is booming at a high pace and everyone is constantly active on this platform to share their thoughts, opinions, general community issues, etc. From actors, politicians, and social workers to college students, and corporate professionals everyone is active on Twitter. The power of Twitter is extremely strong and issues get resolved instantly when people showcase it on this platform. However, apart from tweeting you can also pin tweets (best-performing ones) & reshare other people tweets as well.

How To Know Who Visited My Twitter Profile Through Analytical Tools

Twitter is also an amazing networking platform and if you have a public profile then you can spread your message to millions of people with one single click. The foremost benefit of having a public profile is that by using Twitter analytical tools you can know how many people visited your Twitter profile. This helps in engagement analysis and clears all the air which wanders in your mind about who visited my Twitter profile.

What Is Twitter Profile Visit?

In this evolving era of social media, life has become a public spot if you have a public profile on social media whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Having a public profile has its own set of pros and cons. You receive immense love from your growing community but on the other hand, are trolled and receive hate comments as well. Due to negativity, many people delete their account from Instagram and other social media platforms for the betterment of their mental health whereas some deactivate it which means one can come back anytime on the platform.

Once you’re back your profile is again publically visible to the other users. On Twitter, profile visits are calculated in different ways. If your profile is shown on the user search to a Twitter user and they tap on it to see your profile then that’s counted as a profile visit. Also, if someone clicks on one of your tweets and then visits your profile then that’s also counted as a profile visit by Twitter. The data you see here is 28 days earlier. It’s advantageous to check profile visits because you get to understand which segment of your profile garners more visits and which part requires optimization. A profile upgradation eventually helps in boosting engagement and building a personal brand on Twitter.

Can I Use Browser Extension Or Apps To See Who Visited My Twitter Profile?

Currently, there are no legitimate third-party applications or browser extensions using which you can get the exact name of the person who viewed your Twitter profile. The apps and browser extensions available in the market are fake and are involved in data leakage. Your privacy is interrupted and your Twitter & device data is easily accessible by hackers. In certain cases, your account might also get hacked by them and it’s tough to get it back.

By any chance, even if you add a browser extension and use it to check who visited your Twitter profile then it’s going to be a big failure. It’s because Twitter doesn’t allow such browsers nor itself keeps a record of who individually visited your profile. There’s only profile visit count and not names of the people who visited your profile. Also, it’s mandatory that you and the person viewing your profile has got that browser installed on your system. Only then, you’ll get the details of the person who’s stalking your Twitter profile and vice versa.

Till date, there’s no such third-party application that discloses Twitter viewer details so if you see any app on Play Store or App Store then it’s a fraud. For security reasons, avoid downloading such applications as they have harmful malware and tamper with your data and account details.

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Use Best Analytical Tools To See Who Visited Your Twitter Profile

The bitter truth is that there’s no tool invented that stores details about who’s stalking your Twitter profile. Though there are analytical tools using which you can gain insights about how your tweets are performing, what’s their engagement rate, and whether your audience is liking your content or not. Be cautious while tweeting on Twitter because Twitter authorities scan users who spread violence and negative content/comment. Make sure that anything you post is genuine and doesn’t hurt people’s sentiments.

Twitter Analytics (Owned By Twitter)

If you want the exact number of profile visits then Twitter Analytics is the right tool for it. It’s simple and easy-to-use and exhibits correct results. Apart from knowing the number of profile visits, you can also find out about who mentioned you, which of your tweets are performing well and with which kind of tweets your community is engaging with the most. The steps to use this tool are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Open a web browser on PC
  • Step 2: Type Twitter in the search bar to visit it’s official website
  • Step 3: Login into your Twitter account using the right credentials
  • Step 4: Tap on the ‘More’ option visible at the lower left corner of the screen
  • Step 5: Choose Creator Studio > Analytics
  • Step 6: Click on ‘Turn analytics on’ button. As soon you perform this action, detailed statistical report of your Twitter profile will be displayed on the screen
Note: This tool will give you the number of profile visits but you still can’t know the names of the people who visited your Twitter profile.


Hootsuite definitely needs no introduction when it comes to telling someone about best analytical tool. From Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to YouTube you can use this marketing tool for multiple platforms altogether. It’s efficient and delivers accurate details about the business starting from tracking the engagement, calculating the followers, top followers and unfollowers, showing the retweet details etc. The demerit of Hootsuite is that it’s available for free only for 30 days and you need to purchase a plan after that for analysing your Twitter profile. After purchasing the Hootsuite paid version, you can also scan your entire Twitter profile and can pre-schedule and post-schedule all your social media posts including Twitter. Also, you won’t see individual profile visits like Twitter instead a comprehensive report of your account will be presented to you by Hootsuite.


A web service which performs in-depth profile analytics and is somewhat identical to Hootsuite. Those users who have used CrowdFire in the past name it as one-stop destination for profile analysis. You’ll have access to many features and can link 3 social media platforms in the free plan service. In addition, you can also cross-check which users are constantly seeing your tweets and interacting with them alongside reviewing your best tweets. Not to forget, CrowdFire also has demerits like other platforms about which we have highlighted below.

CrowdFire Cons

  • You can link only Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and not any other social media platforms
  • Only 3 social media accounts can be linked through CrowdFire
  • Previous day social media analytics details are shared under the free plan
  • You need to purchase Premium Plan for getting monthly & yearly social analytics data
  • You can’t see individual people’s name who have viewed your profile

Sprout Social

If you use the ‘Sprout Social’ application then you need not to login into your Twitter account. Your Twitter account will be automatically logged in and your Twitter account analytics will be demonstrated on the screen. The dashboard shows information in a precise manner that is easily understandable by the account manager.

Why You Should Perform Twitter Profile Analytics Often?

There are endless benefits of using these tools to review your Twitter profile. And if you own a business account or someone who’s building a personal brand for oneself then this is an activity which you should perform every month or once in 3 months. Below we have mentioned some of the major benefits of analytical tools and why they’re worth it.

  • Broad Networking & Communication
  • Tracking Your Competition’s Performance
  • Creating Varied & Diversified Content
  • Knowing Your Audience & Their Likes
  • Tracking Marketing Campaigns Frequently

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You won’t know who visited your profile on Twitter, like you get notified who viewed your profile on LinkedIn . This platform is strict about it’s security & privacy policies and doesn’t entertain such practices. Sadly, there’s no tool developed till date using which you can get accurate details. The analytical tools mentioned in this article only provide you the data about your followers and unfollowers, your popular tweets, tweet engagement etc. There’s a free trial offered by analytical tools but that’s too just for a limited timeline post which you need to purchase the tool for regularly performing Twitter analytics of your account. In case, you have any queries about these tools then do let us know in the comments section and will deliver relevant information to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q): Can I find who searched for me on Twitter?

Ans: You cannot locate people who tried to find you on Twitter. It’s almost impossible, nor are there any apps which can be of your help. Although, if a person likes any of your old tweets, comments on that and is not added in your friend list then there are higher chances that they searched for you on Twitter.

Q): What information does Twitter display on my profile?

Ans: Anyone who visits your Twitter profile can see your name, location, profile, and your biography. Twitter also provides Visibility Settings so you can select who can view your profile information.

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