Bump Message In Messenger & Ask Your Friends To Respond To Old Messages

Bump Message In Messenger

Facebook (Meta) is the oldest social networking platform after YouTube and still millions of users are highly active on this application despite the launch of Instagram, Snapchat etc. The primary reason is the brand authenticity that they have built during all these years and the second is the features offered by this application. It’s a one-stop destination to share files, images, videos, messages and connect with dear ones whether in the same or different region. For enhancing user experience, Facebook introduced the Messenger app on 9th August 2011 with a vision of making instant messaging feasible for users worldwide.

Bump Message In Messenger & Ask Your Friends To Respond To Old Messages

By now a massive population loves using Messenger because of the numerous features offered by the Meta like group chats/calls, sending voice messages, downloading audio files, changing nicknames, etc. Apart from this one feature that created a buzz in 2022 was the bump message feature. The release of this feature eventually made conversations quick between people. One could easily bump message in Messenger to remind the other person to respond to that text. It’s an extremely popular feature and is used often. If you don’t know about it yet then this article is a must-read for you.

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What Does Bump Message In Messenger Mean?

In clear terms, BUMP means ‘Bring Up My Post’ which means that the post needs to be moved to the top. When Facebook first introduced this feature then posts could be bumped up but later this feature was implemented in chats too. This feature is highly useful for group discussions when someone missed answering your question and you want them to reply to that message. As soon, as you select a conversation and bump it then that particular message will be sent to the other person once more. Currently, most users are liking this feature. It’s different from the reply to the message feature and saves users time during lengthy conversations. So if ever you’re bombarded with questions then you can utilize this feature. The best part is that there’s no time limit to bump message in Messenger and is available for both private and group conversations.

6 Simple Steps To Bump Message In Messenger

By now you know what does bump message mean but that’s not enough. You need to also be aware of how to access this feature and make the best use of it. The process to bump a message is extremely simple and gets done in seconds, although make sure that you follow the steps correctly otherwise it can fail too.

  • Step 1: Open the Messenger app on your device
  • Step 2: Using the right credentials login into your account
  • Step 3: Open a chat of which you want to bump a message
  • Step 4: Select a message which you want to bump
  • Step 5: Long-tap and hold onto that message
  • Step 6: Choose More > Bump to bump the message

Your message is now bumped and you can repeat the same steps to bump another message. Apart from bumping texts, you can also bump images & videos both from sent and received messages. However, it’s not possible to bump chats in end-to-end encrypted messages or many messages altogether. You have to bump each message individually to remind your friend to respond to it.

Effective Techniques To Resolve Bump Option Not Showing Issue

This amazing feature has been launched a long time back by Facebook but if you still are unable to access it and it’s not showing up in your messenger app then here are the fixes you should follow for a quick solution.

Update Messenger App

The ultimate solution to resolve any issue in social media applications. As Meta frequently launches new updates you must keep updating your app to use the newest features. So, if you haven’t updated your Messenger app yet and are wondering why the bump option is not available then it’s high time you update the app.

  • Step 1: Go to Play Store or App Store
  • Step 2: Type Messenger in the search bar
  • Step 3: Tap on the ‘Update’ option visible at the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Step 4: Once the app is updated, check the availability of the bump message feature

You can also schedule automatic updates in the Play Store or App Store if you don’t want to miss out on new updates added to Facebook and Messenger. This is beneficial because all apps get updated as soon as there’s a notification and hence you can easily access the advanced features.

Uninstall & Reinstall App

If updating Messenger doesn’t work out then delete the app and install it again on your smartphone. While logging into the app make sure that you’re connected to a strong data network for avoiding technical glitches. Once sign-in is done, it’s time to check for the bump message feature. There are chances that this fix might work and will showcase positive results.

Check Server Outage

If you’re able to click on the ‘Bump’ option but the message is not getting bumped then it’s probably due to a slow network or server outage. For this, you can go to DownDetector and type ‘Messenger’ in the search box. If there’s a server error then a message will be shown up on the screen. In such conditions, you can do anything rather than waiting until the server restores to normal. Also, you do not have to worry or panic because there are many other people just like you who can’t access this feature as well when there’s a server error.

Clear Data & Cache

Accumulation of excessive data and cache disturbs the app’s performance hence it’s advised that all mobile users should regularly remove them from the system. Follow the steps mentioned below to eliminate data and cache from the Messenger app.

  • Step 1: Tap on the Messenger app
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘i’ icon
  • Step 3: Select ‘Storage Usage’ under App Info
  • Step 4: Lastly, tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache

Once done, open any random conversation and check if the ‘Bump’ option is available now. Most likely this will work and will also smoothen the functionality of the app.

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Why Use Bump Message Feature?

In this era of digitalization, upgradation is the key to success. Users love those apps which provide different benefits under one roof. The ‘Bump’ option works exactly in the same manner for messenger users. You can highlight essential topics during rapid group discussions and get the answer in seconds. It also works for reminders and following up with clients or teams. If you’re a business individual who gets clients through Messenger then the Bump option can be a saviour for you during the conversation. Whatever important chats you think are missed or unanswered then you can bump it and get the answers.

Can we bump posts on Facebook?

This feature was initially available for Facebook posts where admin and moderators could pin up the important post at the top so that it’s noticeable to the other group members. Posts can be bumped only temporarily and once comments start appearing on it then it’s moved down again. If necessary then the same post can be bumped again at the top by the admin.

Note: Pinning a post is different from bumping a post. The pinned post remains at the top unless it’s unpinned by the admin.


With this, it’s a wrap and we hope now you’ve clearly understood what a bump message in Messenger means and how you can use this feature. Although, there’s no limit but make sure that you don’t bump multiple messages at one time because that might be irritating for the other person and they may start ignoring messages on messenger. Make sure to use this feature carefully to get answers to your important questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can I bump 3-4 messages together?

Ans: You can only bump one message in Messenger at a time. There’s no such feature that allows the users to bump various messages all at once. You have to bump messages individually to remind your friends about responding to the same.

Q) How to Undo bump messages in Messenger?

Ans: There’s no option to undo a bump message. This action can’t be undone once executed by you. However, you can remove the already sent messages by tapping on the ‘Unsend’ option. This way that particular message will be deleted from the conversation of both individuals.

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