See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram: Social Media Secret Trick

See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Instagram– This multi-versatile social media platform has spread its popularity worldwide & has become the masses favourite. It was initially launched for iOS users in October 2010 but seeing its rapid progress, sooner was developed for Android, Windows 10 & Feature-Limited PC & Fire OS apps too. Acquired by META, this full-of-life social media platform has over more than 1 billion active users who are always up on the app to post multiple photos, videos & reels.

See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram: Social Media Secret Trick

Not to forget, Instagram has recently launched reel features through which it has garnered immense love from users. Ever wondered why so? Why reels became everyone’s instant favourite cup of tea? Here’s the answer to your question. Through reels, everyone has got the opportunity to become a Content Creator on Instagram. Those who make quality content reels are followed by most people on Instagram.

Subsequently, I guess that’s what everyone striving at these days over Instagram,i.e, gaining more & more followers through reels. But most of us do tend to forget that if we can gain followers then we can lose followers too which leads to stressful situations. Seeing people unfollow you is quite heartbreaking let’s just be honest nobody would want that to happen.

Although, still if it happens you can easily see who unfollowed you on Instagram by using some third-party apps which keep track of the same. In the upcoming sections of this article, we’ll make you aware of two such apps through which you can see who unfollowed you.

What’s The Follow-Unfollow Game On Instagram?

It’s the era of the 21st generation & people tend to follow-unfollow whoever they like on Instagram. Whether you’re an influencer or a normal human, rules are the same for all. If the other party doesn’t want to connect with you over Instagram they’ll unfollow you from there & other platforms if they wish too. There can be different reasons for unfollowing someone on Instagram. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Due to fight/conflict/enmity or other personal reasons
  • Someone might unfollow you because of family/peer pressure
  • You might lose followers if you’re not active on Instagram
  • Lack of creativity, innovation & original content leads to a decrease in followers
  • You’re not interacting with your followers & have a negative personality
  • Constantly faking about yourself to your community
  • One wishes to keep their Instagram account private & doesn’t want to share their life updates with you
  • Instagram deletes fake & duplicate accounts from your profile
  • Might be possible your feed is dull & doesn’t attract users anymore
  • Not interacting with your followers nor creating content as per their choice
  • Lastly, your followers believe in the follow-nofollow strategic method

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How To See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram Manually

Your first preference to see who unfollowed you on Instagram should always be a manual method. It’s 100% safe & has no disadvantages associated with it. Although, these kinds of practices are only applicable if you have fewer followers on Instagram (around 1k) & not more than that. The lesser your followers are, the easier it’s to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. Nevertheless, if you’re a Content Creator or Instagram Influencer with a large number of followers you shouldn’t opt for the manual method as it’s quite difficult to keep a track record of who follow-unfollow you.

To see who unfollowed you on Instagram you need to differentiate between your followers & following list. If the number fluctuates then it means that someone might have unfollowed you on Instagram. Follow the steps mentioned below to check who unfollowed you on Instagram:

  • Step 1: You need to login into your Instagram account via your smartphone or PC
  • Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Profile Picture’ icon displayed on the button right screen corner
  • Step 3: Tap on the ‘Followers’ option adjacent to the Posts option. A search bar will appear on the screen once you tap on it.
  • Step 4: In the search bar type the username of the person who you think has unfollowed you
Note: If nothing is shown in the search results then it means that the person has unfollowed you on Instagram or it’s also possible that they might have never followed you on Instagram ever

Check Who Unfollowed You on Instagram Through These 2 Third-Party Apps

If you’re someone who has a large fan base on Instagram and has been facing a loss in follower counts then use these third-party apps which are free & deliver accurate results. You can download them easily via Play Store or App Store. Although be aware while choosing some other app because not all apps are capable of tracking Instagram’s New API. To clear out the air of confusion we’ve compiled information about two popular third-party apps using which you can see who unfollowed you on Instagram.


FollowMeter is rated as the #1 third-party app for detecting the followers count & is available for both Android & iOS devices. The user interface of this app is extremely simple & easy to use. You’ll fall in love with the features of this app. The best part is that the ‘Unfollow Option’ of this app is absolutely free. Apart from checking who unfollowed you, and who’s not following you will also be able to track down who is hitting maximum likes on your posts or is viewing your Instagram stories most of the time. The bonus features include tracking ghost followers or people who have blocked you

on Instagram.

Here’s how you can use FollowMeter:

  • Step 1:Download FollowMeter via Play Store or App Store
  • Step 2: Login into the app using your valid Instagram username & password
  • Step 3: Tap on the initial tab available at the bottommost corner of the screen
  • Step 4: Tap on the ‘Unfollowers’ Option to see who has unfollowed you
Read This: Similarly, you can tap on ‘Not Following You Back’ to check who doesn’t follow you & on ‘You are not following back’ to track people who follow you but you’re not following them.

Followers & Unfollowers

An app which gets its job done. It has a streamlined user interface & is free to use but is sadly available only for Android users. The additional features include finding ghost followers, top supporters & users who removed likes from your profile.

Here’s how you can use Followers & Unfollowers:

  • Step 1: Download the Followers & Unfollowers app on your Instagram account via Play Store
  • Step 2: Login into the Followers & Unfollowers app using your valid Instagram credentials
  • Step 3: On the dashboard, you’ll see a ‘Follower/Unfollower option with different 4 options. Choose ‘Who Recently Unfollowed You’ & you’ll get the entire list of people who have unfollowed you recently on Instagram.

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4 Prominent Reasons You Should Avoid Third-Party Applications

  • There are possibilities that your account details would be sold to other apps via illegal practices
  • Your account is on the verge of security & hackers might steal some information from here
  • These apps will update you about the number of followers you lost only after you downloaded them on your smartphone
  • If you tap on any suspicious link shown on such apps your password & other details get prone to phishing tactics applied by the hackers

Unfollow People Who Have Been Not Following You Or Have Not Unfollowed You On Instagram

Once you see who unfollowed you on Instagram you might feel betrayed, worried or irritated depending on the decrease count whether it’s tiny or massive. Although, if someone has unfollowed you due to personal reasons then you might wish to do the same. You can follow the steps mentioned below to unfollow people without letting them, well isn’t it like tit for tat?

  • Step 1: Download the Followers & Unfollowers app on your Instagram account via Play Store or App Store
  • Step 2: Login into the Followers & Unfollowers app using your valid Instagram credentials
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Don’t Follow You Back’ option available on the homepage section of the app.
  • Step 4: You’ll see the names of people who don’t follow you on Instagram. Simply click on the “Unfollow” option & it’s done.
Note: It’s a simple technique but third-party apps come along with certain disadvantages violating your privacy concerns. Hence, always be cautious while using them & uninstall them immediately once you see who unfollowed you on Instagram alongside unfollowing them.

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This world is a very big hoax & getting trapped inside it doesn’t seem like a good deal so my suggestion would be to use Instagram just like a normal app rather than making it an important part of your life. You can always post pictures, videos & stories regularly to maintain your connections with everyone without worrying about the fact that who many followers you have gained or lost today.

Above all, it’s a part of life & who knows if you continue posting without worrying about the results then one day you might have millions of followers. Still, if you wish to see who unfollowed you on Instagram then you can use the apps mentioned in this article but with certain precautions for sure. Also, do let us know which one worked out for you & why?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) How can I stop losing followers on Instagram?

Ans: To avoid such circumstances, you need to maintain an attractive feed so that the users instantly take interest & engage with your account. Implement trending songs, mesmerizing images & videos which make your followers awestruck in one go. Also, use relevant hashtags while posting your content because this way you’ll reach your targeted set of audience seamlessly.

Q) Does Instagram restrict the activity of people who practice follow-unfollow?

Ans: Yes, Instagram does it once it witnesses how many people you follow-unfollow each day. It’s done based on interaction criteria. Chances are that you might be blocked unknowingly by the Instagram authority if you’re practising this theory too much in a day/hour. After being blocked you might be limited from liking and commenting on pictures, following-unfollowing anyone & user’s data. Though the limits would vary in each account & is dependent on the user’s account age & activities.

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