Facebook Likes No Data Available: What It Means & 6 Fixes To Resolve It

Facebook Likes No Data Available

Technical glitches have always been a major hurdle in the adequate functioning of social media applications, whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social networking platform. It disturbs the whole performance of the app, which irritates the users, making them uninstall the app to stop it. If we talk about Facebook, then sometime back in the past ‘This Content Isn’t Available Right Now’ issue was faced by the users, which prohibited them from seeing the content posted by the other person. Tech experts had stated that technical glitch from Facebook’s side was one of the primary reasons which led to this issue, apart from the fact that the content owner restricts the other person from seeing the posts. It was a huge discussion back then and now the facebook likes no data available has emerged as another troublesome error.

Facebook Likes No Data Available: What It Means & 6 Fixes To Resolve It

Despite the fact that Facebook provides the best features & is a highly popular global platform for recommending friends from different nations, it still does face backlash when the app is down or if users constantly face technical errors like facebook likes no data available, are unable to see who’s online or are finding it extremely difficult to log out from their account. However, Facebook knows the importance of a genuine audience, and that’s the reason it comes up with reliable solutions to help users abolish the same. This article is also about the causes & solutions in relevance to the facebook likes no data available issue. Keep reading & do implement them if you’re facing this error quite often.

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Where Does Facebook Likes No Data Available Glitch Occur?

  • Facebook Posts: The No Data Available error message gets exhibited on the facebook posts when the user tries to check the likes or comments of an individual post by tapping on it. There’s simply a blank screen with this message which is visible on the facebook news feed page to the users.
  • Facebook Groups: Many users have faced this issue while checking the information about the facebook groups they’re connected to, whether it’s the group name, participant count, or anything else.
  • Facebook Videos: You’ll see the no data likes available error message if there’s a bug in the app or unwanted technical flaws in the system. In addition, there will be no data shown to you if you tap on any video or try to  play or view it on Facebook.

6 Practically Applied Fixes Of Facebook Likes No Data Available

There’s always a good saying that if there’s a problem, then solutions also come along with it. Here’s the list of seamless solutions following which you can wipe off the no data available error message from your Facebook application.

Download Updated Facebook App

The main possibility that causes the facebook likes no data available issue it’s because you have not updated the Facebook app from the App Store or the Play Store. It’s quite evident that, like other apps, Facebook also launches new updates and impressive features every now & then for a streamlined user experience. To have access to the latest facebook features, make sure you have installed the new version & have updated it. You’ll also see that once you start using the newly updated version, no data available error message will vanish away from your news feed. Do remember that after updating the app, you’ve to log out and then log in again to see the changes.

Go For Alternate Internet Connection

This won’t be surprising for you because we all know how life gets tough when our mobile data or Wi-Fi doesn’t work at a good pace. Strong and secure internet connectivity is a must for everything, whether it’s professional work, using social media, or anything else. There’s a higher probability that if you’re seeing the no data available error repeatedly, then you’re connected to a poor & unstable internet connection. For a quick fix, you can try Fast.com & check the speed of your internet. You can also change your internet connection, turn data on & off or take a hotspot from your friend/family members and then log in again to check whether the issue has been resolved or not. However, reports suggest that it has worked for many users previously and is a reliable method.

Try Logging Out & Login Again

For this, you’ve to first log out from all the devices from where you’ve logged into your Facebook account. Now, you’ve to keep your phone aside for a while & then log in again by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Search for the ‘Facebook’ app on the Home Screen of the device
  • Step 2: Click on the Facebook icon & open the app
  • Step 3: At the upper right corner of the screen you’ll see three horizontal lines labeled as the ‘Menu’ icon, click on it
  • Step 4: Now, click on the ‘Log out’ option at the bottom of the Facebook app. On doing so, you’ll be logged out in a few seconds
  • Step 5: Next, is to reboot your Android or iOS device & wait for a while for the device to start again
  • Step 6: Once the device starts again, go to the Facebook app & log in again using your credentials & see if there are any improvements
Note: If you face the error even after implementing this method, then we would suggest you log in from a different device & examine if the same error persists there or not.

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Check If Facebook Server Is Down

It’s not necessarily important that the problem relies on the device or internet connection as sometimes social media giants like Facebook don’t work properly due to server down issues. Although this happens occasionally, or we can say once in a blue moon still, if the problem persists, then you’ve to first check whether the app is actually down in real or not. To check the Facebook server status, you have to use Downdetector, an official website that provides information about server glitch.

  • Step 1: Type Downdetector in the browser (Chrome or Safari)
  • Step 2: Scroll the website to search for the Facebook
  • Step 3: Tap on the Facebook icon once you find it and then check whether this message ‘Users reports indicate no current problems at Facebook’ is being shown on the screen or not
Note: If you see this message, then the server is working fine, and no data available error is occurring due to some other significant reason.

Go For Clearing Data & Cache

If you ask us, then we would suggest you completely believe in this technique. Whatever glitch or buggy software is causing this issue will not be available once you clear the unwanted cache from the app.

  • Step 1: Tap on the Facebook icon
  • Step 2: Click on the App info option. This would open up the App info screen in front of you
  • Step 3: Tap on the Storage usage option right beneath the Data usage
  • Step 4: Click on Clear Data. A pop-up message will be displayed in front of you for confirmation. Tap on the Ok option. As soon you perform this action, all your app data will get erased from your device
  • Step 5: Tap on Clear Cache and it’s done. You’ve to log in again and check the current status of this problem

Opt For Facebook Web Version

Try this method if you’re tired of resolving it on your device. It’s always said that if something is not working on your device, then try fixing it via desktop. It’s the same logic for social media apps. If the app is not working fine, then try visiting the official facebook website and logging in for a smoother user experience. In comparison to other methods, this method has shown accurate results to users & they have stopped seeing the no data available error message on the facebook.

However, if you’re seeing facebook likes no data available, only in certain posts and videos and not in all, then chances are that the person might have blocked you or have embedded privacy settings on that post after some time because they don’t want you to see that post. It’s also possible that the person might have deleted or deactivated their account, and that’s the reason you’re experiencing this error message.

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India has 315 million active users & Facebook likes no data available error has affected many users in this list. It’s a problematic technical issue for everyone who’s active on this platform. Although with time, various effective fixes for this glitch have been introduced, and many people have got it resolved by executing these fixes through the right approach. So, if you’re someone who’s been facing the same issue and then didn’t know how to get rid of it instantly, then this article is the jackpot for you. Try these methods and eliminate this issue from your facebook feed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Is it okay to keep the likes & comments of my posts visible to others?

Ans: This is considered a personal choice. You can keep them public or private at your own convenience. Facebook provides both options to users.

Q) Do Instagram users also face likes no data available glitch?

Ans: In the past, Instagram has also been in a similar zone, just like Facebook. It was reported that users were unable to see who liked or commented on their Instagram posts, and all this was due to a technical error.

Q) Do outdated browsers or privacy extensions cause no data available issues?

Ans: If you’re not using an updated version, then get it updated right away because it creates hindrance and shows such messages on Facebook. Also, avoid using private extensions as they intrude into Facebook scripts and give rise to such types of errors.

Q) What’s the primary cause of the facebook likes no data available error message?

Ans: Such type of errors occur when the app is updated and by mistake, there’s buggy software installed in it or some kind of technical error has invaded the internal application.

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