Four Methods To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral: Content, Audio, Hashtags, Time

Methods To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral

Do you also spend your free time skimming through your Instagram timeline? Instagram is genuinely addicting, with newer posts popping up the whole time. Instagram reels have made their way into the hearts of millions of people.

Four Methods To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral: Content, Audio, Hashtags, Time

Instagram reels are short videos that feature entertaining, business, educational, fashion, travel, online pokies, and influencing content. You must have seen many Instagram reels going viral. Every new brand, entrepreneur, and influencer makes their Instagram reels to attract a hundred thousand followers.

When you get enough views on your Instagram reels, they can benefit you to get more future followers, more engagement of the audience, and more brand trust. You can also make your Instagram reels go viral with a few hacks. Read on to know these hacks and implement them:

Make Unique Content

Reels are unique and different from stories, youtube shorts, or TikTok videos. For Instagram you should make valuable content with proper reels dimensions with informative and relative content. You should first determine the interest of your followers and then create the content they will be interested in. You can make your reels more entertaining, slow-motion

and engaging to get more reviews.

But don’t copy other content; get creative and make the content yourself. Use fresh ideas so that when it gets viral, people will follow you and not the other way around. If you are a brand, engaging more people and showing your personality, lifestyle, and brand image is best.

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Use Trending Audio Tracks

The background music of each video has a significant influence on its popularity among people. It is a secret not known to many people. You should keep up with the trends and find the audio tracks that are going viral and have millions of listeners. Integrate songs and viral parts into your videos and see the magic.

Based on the Instagram algorithm, when you watch a video, you see similar video suggestions and keep scrolling through each one. When you use famous audio tracks, your video is more likely to pop up to a new audience.

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Add The Right Hashtags

Hashtags play an essential role in trending your videos. Using the right hashtags most people search for can get them to your reels much faster. When you tap a hashtag, it slides you to a page filled with lots of videos with that hashtag, it allows people to watch new videos with the trending hashtag.

But remember that the most popular hashtags might not work the best for you when so many people use them. You should use popular hashtags, yet the competition is low. Also, try to use shorter hashtags as they keep your video on the trending list much more extended than lengthy hashtags.

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Post And Share Your Reels At Peak Activity Hours

After deciding on the hashtags, you can add the relevant bio like list of australian online casino reviews, gacks to Fill colors to your summer, and similar catchy lines relating to your brand. After everything is done, find the right time to publish your reels. Posting your reels at the peak activity hours enhances the chances of your reels getting fame instantly.

After posting, Instagram provides several sharing options like sharing on your account feed, stories, and Instagram explore feed to hook more audience. Since the time varies worldwide, Make sure to upload your reels at the active hours of your target audience.


Reels are the best way to grow organically on Instagram. You need to remember some vital tips to make your reels trend on every feed.

Hail to the Reels!

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