How To Pin A Comment On Instagram & Boost Engagement: Pin It to Win Your Audience

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

Instagram has become a necessity for everyone residing in the 21st generation. From posting daily life updates to growing a business on this versatile app, there’s so much to do. This supreme feature which makes it the star amongst all the other social media apps is the amazing privacy feature which allows the users to keep their account private and stay away from the hassle of unwanted strangers.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram & Boost Engagement: Pin It to Win Your Audience

You won’t believe it, but this app’s number of active users was 1.28 million in 2022 & is supposed to increase more in 2023. The multiple awestruck features of this app is making it the user’s favorite. You can save your stories, edit reels & save them in drafts if you don’t wish to post them, go live, text & call your favorite person, and much more. In addition, you can also copy a comment or pin it on Instagram to keep your followers in the central limelight.

You must be wondering what’s this new feature of how to pin a comment on Instagram because not many people know about it & possibilities are that you’re one of them. Well, don’t worry we have the answer to all those thoughts wandering in your mind about pinned comments. Check out this article on how to pin a comment and start pinning the top 3 amazing comments in one go.

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Short Description: Instagram Pinned Comments

It’s just one thumb pin icon which makes the normal comments distinct from the pinned comments. In general, Instagram comments act as the major source of connection between you & your followers, which means the more you like their comments, reply to them & pin them, the more they’ll engage with your profile. According to the Instagram algorithm, it’s a natural method for accelerating the pace of user engagement and works like magic. Just remember, if you’re pinning a comment, make sure that it depicts a positive meaning and does not spread violence or hate on your profile. There are other advantages of pinning a comment; do have a look at them below.

  • Serves as a good CTA (Call to Action) between you and your followers
  • Conveying your followers that you’re open to suggestions & feedback
  • Promote a meaningful comment which spreads love, peace & happiness on your profile
  • You can choose the winners by pinning the right comments at the top ( applicable in promotional contests, games & giveaways )
  • Helpful in user analytics, which means manually, you can figure out who’s frequently engaging with your posts & is your die-hard follower
  • If the details are important and are pinned on top, then it’s much easier for the audience to find them quickly
  • As a profile owner, you have the liberty to choose which comments you want to pin and which ones you’re looking forward to delete

Possible Hurdles You Might Face While Pinning Comment

  • If you’re unable to pin a comment after several attempts, then chances are that you have not installed the updated version of Instagram from Play Store or App Store
  • You might not have a stable & secure internet connection or are in in a very bad network zone for a long time
  • You have not followed the steps correctly or have followed them from irrelevant sources
  • Instagram doesn’t allow pinning violent comments; hence if you’re trying such unfair means, then you’ll be prohibited from doing so on this platform
  • Even the biggest of technical machines & apps face technical glitches or server-down problems, so chances are that if you’re facing this error, the Instagram server is down hence trying pinning the comment after some time
  • Opt for the Clear Cache option, as this is the No.1 solution to cure all your Instagram problems, whether you’re unable to login into your account, post a story, or pin a comment. Trust us, this works as the masterstroke technique and filters all the unwanted caches from your system

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Learn How To Pin A Comment On Instagram ( Android & iOS)

The appropriate procedure about how to pin a comment on Instagram varies for both Android and iOS users. The qualities of the app are the same for all users. It’s just that there would be a few minor differences only in the steps. Follow these steps very precisely to pin a comment if you’re willing to build a strong community with millions of genuine followers on Instagram.

Android Users

  • Step 1: Login into your Instagram account by entering your valid credentials
  • Step 2: Head over to your profile section & choose a post of which you wish to pin the comment from the comments section
  • Step 3: You have to now long press on that one comment and tap on the thumb pin icon to pin that comment

Apple (iOS) Users

The first & second steps would be the same for iPhone users, after which you have to follow the steps mentioned below to pin a comment on Instagram if you fall into this popular smartphone category.

  • Step 3: After selecting the comment, you have to now swipe from left towards the right direction
  • Step 4: Lastly, you have to select the thumb pin icon & click on the Pin Comment option following which the comment will be pinned on that post

Method To Pin A Comment On Desktop Or MacBook

You’ll be disappointed to know but till now there’s no such option following which you can pin comments on a normal PC or Mac. Hence, you have to stick to these methods and pin positive comments on Instagram of not more than 2200 characters through your smartphones only.

Know The Other Side: Steps To Unpin Comment ( Android & iOS)

For Android Users

  • Step 1: You have to open your Instagram account in the first stage
  • Step 2: Navigate to your profile section & select one post of which you want to unpin a specific comment
  • Step 3: Click on the Comment icon below your post
  • Step 4: Choose one highlighted comment, long press on it & then tap on the thumb icon
  • Step 5: You’ll now see two options under Unpin Comment, i.e., Unpin & Cancel, on the screen. Choose the Unpin option and it’s done

For iOS Users

In the case of unpinning the comment also, the first three steps are the same as the Android device. After being done with the former ones, follow the below-mentioned steps to unpin the comment if you’re an iPhone person.

  • Step 4: Select one pinned comment & swipe on it from left to the right
  • Step 5: Tap on the thumb icon & choose the Unpin option for processing this task
Note: You can repeat these steps for unpinning comments from all your posts

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Step-By-Step Guide To Manage Instagram Comments

There are times when you might not like an offensive comment posted by your follower and thus don’t want to get it seen by other people. Instagram management believes in building a safe community for their users & that’s the reason they have implemented necessary guidelines for deleting, managing & reporting such types of comments on their portal. Talking about managing bad,terrible & hurtful comments, well here’s how you can activate this beneficial feature.

  • Step 1: Open the comments section of the post
  • Step 2: Tap on the three dots you’ll see on the top right of the comments section

A list of multiple options with two major labels of For all posts and For this posts would be displayed on the screen. Under For all posts you’ll see 4 different options, i.e., Hide more comments, Manage custom word lists, Allow comments from & Change privacy settings option, whereas the option of turning off the comments would be available in the latter one.

  • Step 3: Tap on ‘Turn off commenting’ under For this posts to simply block all the negative comments on that individual post
  • Step 4 (Comprehensive Stage): You have to now click on Hide more comments & toggle the Hide comments button from grey to blue color. The activation of this feature would start filtering all types of offensive comments on your posts which cannot be seen by other people except you.
Please Note: Sometimes Hide more comments button is already turned on by Instagram on all your posts.
  • Step 5 (Optional): If you want to maintain a long distance with all types of irrelevant comments, then we suggest you go ahead with this step too.
  1. All you have to do is toggle the Advanced comment filtering button towards the right
  2. Apart from this, you can also toggle the Hide message requests button to the right for not receiving spam or abusive messages from strangers. These types of messages would be moved under the Message Requests section, away from your eyes
  3. You can also add certain good words or phrases relevant with which you want the comment to be filtered by adding them in the Manage Custom Words & Phrases section.

Furthermore, there are more additional options available in this section. You can keep on exploring & implementing them to know how effective they’re in managing comments. This way, you’ll know more about it too alongside learning about how to pin a comment on Instagram.

How To Pin My Own Comments On Instagram

The option of pinning your own comments is available only when you’re going live on the app for connecting with your friends, family, fans, etc. Follow these steps to pin your comment on Instagram live and clearly state the purpose of going live to your followers without taking any extra effort.

  • Step 1: You have to open your Instagram account and go Live first
  • Step 2: Tap on the + icon shown in the middle of the search (left) & reels (right) icon
  • Step 3: Click on the Live button to start the live session with your followers
  • Step 4: For pinning your own comment, add one & click on it. Apart from this, you can also pin the comment posted by your followers during the live session
  • Step 5: Once you’ve selected the comment that you wish to win ( either your or your followers) then you have to click on the Pin Comment option after which that comment will be pinned in your Instagram live & will be available at the bottom area under the entire list of comments
  • Step 6: In case you’re willing to remove the pinned comment, then tap on the comment and select Unpin comment option to process the same

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The major objective to pin a comment on Instagram is to connect with your audience. For creators & business owners, the strategic approach of pinning a comment works best for increasing reel views, likes and comments on the specific post which ultimately leads to follower increment. You have to be ‘Best Friends’ with your followers if you’re in this line and constantly pin the best comments which enhance your engagement. However, if you’re a normal user but still want to receive love from your followers, start uploading good posts & high-quality reels, pin them when they get good engagement, and then pin the best comments from those posts to see the charm of this spectacular feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How many comments can I pin on Instagram?

Ans: You can pin a maximum of 3 comments at one time on Instagram. If you want to pin some other comment apart from the previously pinned comments on the post, then you have to delete one of them to pin a new one.

Q) Can I pin my stories also on Instagram?

Ans: The feature of pinning stories is not introduced by Instagram because people reply to stories via DM; they can’t comment on them. You can save your story with or without music and add them in highlights rather than pinning them.

Q) What should I do if I want my Instagram comment to get noticed by my followers?

Ans: If you want your comments to be in spotlight then you have to hide or delete other people’s comments from your posts. You can delete a comment by just tapping on & swiping towards the left of the screen, but to hide the comments, you need to restrict the person first, which would refrain them from commenting on your posts.

Q) Is it possible to block comments on Instagram?

Ans: If you’re constantly being harassed or bothered by someone, then you can politely choose to block them on Instagram. This way, they’ll not be able to connect with you, nor can they comment on your posts, reels, or reply to your stories.

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